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How to make your morning Cali Coffee better with CBD?


It’s hard to get Californians (at least some) out of their bed without the morning Hot brew, low-cream, sometimes Vanilla-infused Coffee. Now, your favorite coffee is all set to up the game with CBD – the new herbal ingredient on the block.. 

While CBD coffee is by no means new to California, the trend has only recently caught fire, with several hot-shot Cafes serving 100% vegan CBD latte, as the key attraction.

If you’ve already gotten a taste of CBD goodness, you might want to make it your go-to morning coffee because that’s how it really makes a lasting impact.

CBD products are known to have a relaxing, non-jittery effect on your body, which is great for placating the sometimes distasteful coffee kick. It offers a refreshing start to your day, enabling you to get into action, or better to say, smoothly lean into action.

Why CBD Coffee lovers love CBD Coffee?

Last year Chicago Tribune was all praises for CBD Coffee due to the many natural benefits that it offers. While it still lacks hardcore scientific credibility, there’s enough proof that CBD and coffee go very well with each other.

While searching for the popularity of Cannabis in California, it comes out to be that Californians are pretty hyped about it. The following Google Trends data is a small but significant proof of the same.

The thing with coffee and CBD products is that they even out each other’s brash effects. Caffeine is a stimulant that can get on your nerves and CBD is a relaxant, which calms you down. Together, they produce a balanced drive that is an absolute pleasure for anyone who finds it hard to kick-starting their day on a beautiful note. 

Bonus, it’s good for your morning anxiety.

How to make great-tasting CBD Coffee at home?

To make a delightful cup of CBD coffee, you’d need to experiment a little. CBD, just like other health supplements, comes in several concentrations. You get to the perfect blend of CBD milligram strength and coffee spoons by trying out a few cups first. 

Initially, you could start with a 1000 mg CBD tincture that you can get online, and see how you feel about it. CBD strengths go up to 5000 mg, and each person should have their own pick, rather than settling for a recommendation. So, you must do your little experiment.

The formula is prepared by squeezing a drop of CBD tincture into your morning coffee. Let it nicely blend with the cream and then sip it slowly to let the CBD goodness do its work.

As you notice your mood post the coffee session, you’ll realize if you need to bump up the dosage. You can either choose a higher concentration or squeeze an extra drop of the CBD tincture into your cup. 

Several CBD brands offer flavored CBD tinctures which will help you create a vibe of your own for your morning coffee. If you’re a fan of Blueberry instant coffee, CBD tinctures will get you just that with the assorted Blueberry flavor. And that’s just the beginning, there are many, many kinds of flavors available to spruce up your taste buds.

Consistency is Key

CBD coffee does require some commitment in order to fully deliver the hidden goodness. Several entourage effect experts suggest that CBD coffee should be consistently taken to let it work its magic. This is because CBD requires some time to settle in your system, once you’re amicable to drinking CBD coffee, you’ll enjoy it even more. Hence, focus on making it an organic fit in your routine.

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