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Just the Kind of Research CBD Lovers Needed! From American Organic Chemist Markus Roggen


The world-renowned American Organic Chemist Markus Roggen is all set to discover the unique qualities of CBD. At his venture, Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures, Roggen is determined to dive deep into the wonder compound, and provide the CBD fraternity with pristine knowledge on how CBD functions.

This news is exciting for CBD consumers around the world because since long, CBD has been looked at with eyes of skepticism. CBD is often associated with recreational Marijuana or “some sort of drug” that gets people high. While none of that is true, CBD products for sale are quickly garnering scientific attention.

Roggen’s research will provide the whole CBD industry with several benefits. Some noteworthy progress has already been made by his labs.

How does the research benefit you?

Whether you actively consume CBD gummies for sleep or you’re just exploring CBD products, this research is a huge green flag. Here’s why! 

Demystifying CBD-like Compounds

Roggen’s research is focussed on cataloging compounds that are derived out of the Cannabis plant. Apparently, they have found 800 compounds that resemble CBD and THC. A more complete picture of what the Canna plant contains and how it can impact CBD users is of critical significance. 

Today, CBD products with low THC are regulated by several stipulated norms due to the occurrence of psychoactive substances. As more research is put to this subject, we’ll be able to create more refined versions of CBD products that work better and reduce any side effects whatsoever.

For an avid CBD user, this is a promise of cleaner products and better results in times to come.

Improving the Efficiency of CBD Extraction

So far, the team working with Roggen has been able to develop methods for identifying complex CBD compounds. They’re also working on improving the efficiency of extracting these compounds from the Canna plant. 

The team is employing machine learning algorithms to evaluate the data produced after running several experiments in their labs. This helps them really boost their extraction processes and develop techniques that could promise a plentiful and qualitative extraction of CBD as the methods mature.

In our quest to source high-quality CBD, the research is paving the way for a more economical CBD production. This will impact the industry with wider product availability and refined production processes for the consumers.

Filling in the Knowledge Gaps for CBD

For a long time, the prevalent skepticism around CBD has prevented consumers from switching to CBD-infused products. The popularity is definitely growing but knowledge gaps continue to plague new buyers. 

At Super Chill, we have been extremely cautious with our CBD handling process and have gotten the products lab tested several times. We also constantly educate our growing user base on potential health benefits of CBD so that they can get the best out of their purchase. 

Roggen’s research is on the way to answer several such questions that we don’t have answers yet. Reportedly, there are talks of synthesized CBD that will be free of any THC contaminants and will prove to be super useful for CBD product manufacturers. There are many more research points such as the production of Psilocin (a bioactive compound) that the team is working on. 

If you have been following CBD products with low THC, you’ll be delighted to know that the research aims at creating cleaner versions of already available products. 

This strengthens the public confidence in CBD as a lifestyle changer, and a supplement that can treat chronic illnesses that affect modern populations at a large scale.


Do you think Roggen’s research will change the CBD industry for good? With current developments, we can say that they’re headed in the right direction. CBD inevitably requires a lot of research to be done to increase its public favorability and product quality. More such research only adds to the goals of making CBD a health choice for millions out there who don’t have a naturally sourced solution for their symptoms.

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