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Launching Super Chill Product Combos!


Let’s face it – CBD products for sale are a touch expensive right now and avid consumers hardly ever buy just one item at a time. A single jar of gummies runs out in a week! This led us to create product combos for all our customers who want to shop for multiple CBD products at once. These combos not only save you from the re-ordering hassle but also give you a host of benefits! Let’s explore Super Chill product combos.

Why Buy Super Chill CBD Product Combos?

Our combos are designed to make your CBD purchase experience better and enable you to buy more at less price. Each combo is designed to keep consumer requirements and your CBD goals in mind. Here are 5 reasons why you’d want to buy a CBD product combo.

  1. Discounts – Each combo comes with a default discount. You pay up to 30% less when you purchase a combo, in contrast to purchasing a single item. Therefore, if you’re a dedicated CBD consumer who needs a consistent supply, you’ll save a lot on the combo offer. 
  2. Personalized Combos – Each combo is personalized for different types of CBD use cases. There are combos for CBD starters, CBD for sleep, or treating anxiety. Everyone gets to choose the combo that has been designed keeping them in mind.
  3. Save the Hassle of Re-ordering – No need to order your CBD supplies every now and then. The combo offers to fulfill your monthly needs in one go. You can easily shop for the entire month in a single purchase and that too for a discount!
  4. Try New Products at Once – The combos encourage you to try new releases and different flavors at once. Each combo has 3-4 items that you can try. If you’re a CBD gummies fan, you can try vape oil and vice versa. You’re encouraged to explore more products in a single purchase!
  5. Best Deals on the Market – Super Chill Combos are one of the best deals on the market when it comes to shopping for CBD online. You won’t find premium CBD products are this price range!

Super Chill CBD Product Combos

We have created a total of 8 product combos containing CBD products for sale, all of which serve different consumer needs. After a round of market research and customer feedback, we figured that everyone uses CBD for varied requirements. From anxiety to sleep disorders, these combos help you in a number of ways!

Mood Refreshing Combo $119.99 $45.99

This combo features Vape Oil and Cartridge that is quite effective in alleviating tiredness, enabling you to refresh your mood so that you can focus better and be more productive.

Super Wellness Kit$150.99 $58.99

The super wellness kit is designed to keep your daily CBD needs satisfied with our pack of CBD gummies that come in a variety of flavors. Improve your mental health, sleep better and deal with anxiety better.

Self Relaxation Kit$134.99 $53.99

Feeling too overwhelmed lately? Our self-relaxation kit comes with CBD goodness in the form of CBD cartridges and CBD gummies that help you calm down effectively. Enjoy the richness of CBD gummies feel in control of your anxious moods.

Super Saver Kit$160.99 $76.99

If you’re looking to introduce CBD in your routine, or just want to order CBD products that last several weeks, this is the best combo deal on the market. Shop for three products at once, and save with the pre-applied combo discount!

Looking for a mega discount? Our top-selling CBD products are at an all-time high discount! Best for avid CBD consumers who wish to order new products every month. This combo offers a ton of savings!

CBD Starter Kit$144.99 $66.99

Looking to start your safe CBD journey? It’s time to try out our CBD starter kit that contains the best CBD products in lower strengths for beginners. As a CBD starter, you’d love our start kit that contains all the essentials.

CBD Gummies Combo$144.99 $61.99

Another attractive combo for all our CBD gummies fans. Now save up to $80 on your favorite CBD gummies with 12+ flavors. Relax your body in the most fun way possible with our delicious CBD gummies combo!  Get our top-selling gummies with a host of CBD benefits for less than $65!

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