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Anxiety Reducing Kit

$153.99 $136.99
(Based on 1 review)

If you feel overly anxious at work or during the day, it can hinder your productivity and life quality. Overshooting levels of anxiety are bad for your body, as well as, your mental peace. Thanks to CBD-infused products, you can now overcome deeply anxious states. Our Anxiety Reducing Kit offers you a stock of CBD Gummies and CBD tinctures that will help you develop a cycle of natural anxiety tolerance.

Health Supplement kit (Pack of 2)

$154.99 $72.99
(Based on 3 reviews)

Looking to unwind after a long day? Shop for our Health Supplement kit which offers 100% naturally sourced Relax Gummies Jar, and Relax Tincture. The gummies are great for fixing your tired muscles and alleviating mental fatigue. The cartridge helps you descend into a peaceful sleep for a rejuvenated morning!

CBD Essentials Kit (Pack of 4)

$290.99 $145.99
(Based on 1 review)

If you want a bundle of relaxation that nourishes you with lots of calmness, happiness, and delights, then your search is over. Super Chill presents CBD Essentials Kit, which consists of Ashwagandha Gummies Jar (2500 MG), Relax Gummies Jar (2500 MG), Sleep Gummies Jar (2500 MG), and Calm Gummies Jar (2500 MG). Moreover, Super Chill CBD Essentials Kit comes in a variety of flavors.

Super Saver Kit (Pack of 3)

$154.99 $71.99
(Based on 1 review)

Our top-selling products for the first time on a combo discount! Save more while shopping for delectable CBD products from Super Chill. We are offering CBD Gummies Pouch, CBD Gummies Jar, and CBD Tincture under $71.99!

CBD Starter Kit (Pack of 3)

$144.99 $66.99

Looking to introduce CBD wellness in your organic lifestyle? This combo has all the ingredients that you need! Start with our 2 sets of CBD gummies and CBD vape oil that is a must-try for CBD beginners!

CBD Gummies Combo (Pack of 2)

$144.99 $61.99

Shop for savory, juicy, CBD gummies jar and pouch at a deal price for a limited time in our latest Super Chill CBD gummies combo! Get our top-selling gummies with a host of CBD benefits for less than $65 for the first time. CBD enthusiasts would not want to miss out on our new and improved formula at this price!

Pain Reliever Kit

$96.99 $79.99

Hurry Up to get the best deal Buy 4 Get 1 Free. Facing chronic pain? Here’s the 100% organic solution you were waiting for that is non-addictive in nature. The Pain Reliever Kit offers you CBD gummies combined with CBD cartridges that enable you to get rid of physical pain in a non-obtrusive way. CBD reacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system to relax your body, and decrease the intensity of pain, without the use of any analgesic drugs.

Fitness Recovery kit (Pack of 10)

$810.99 $353.99

Fitness activities such as gyming, cross-fit, or athletics can leave your body in deep fatigue. Recover naturally with our Fitness Recovery Kit that comes with all the CBD essentials you need to bring your agility back! We’re offering CBD Gummies, Vape Oil, Tincture, and Cartridge for all-round muscle fatigue recovery. Introduce Super Chill’s CBD products to your fitness regime and achieve your peak wellness goals.

Free Product Offer

$330.99 $149.99

Looking for a great deal? Have a look at our Free Product Offer deal. Buy 2 CBD Tincture 5000 mg and Get one Gummies Pouch 500 mg Free.

Mood Refreshing Combo

$119.99 $49.99

Feel rejuvenated and save with our CBD Gummies and CBD Cartridge Combo! This combo is designed for anyone who is looking to add a tinge of CBD to their morning coffee or wants to unwind after a long day of work.

Self Relaxation Kit (Pack of 3)

$144.99 $53.99
(Based on 1 review)

Looking to unwind after a long day? Shop for our self-relaxation kit which offers 100% naturally sourced CBD Gummies Pouch, CBD Gummies Jar, and CBD Cartridge. The gummies are great for fixing your tired muscles and alleviating mental fatigue. The cartridge helps you descend into a peaceful sleep for a rejuvenated morning!

Super Healthy kit

$159.99 $38.99
(Based on 1 review)

Hurry Up to get the best deal Buy 3 Get 1 Free. Taking good care of your health is more critical than ever. Let our Super Healthy Kit be a starting point for you that offers you immunity-enhancing CBD Gummies for deep relaxation. These products enable you to reduce daily stress, curb anxiety and control your body’s stress response cycle so that you can avoid adverse effects on your health. Switch to an organic lifestyle and improve your health with one of the most effective CBD formulas on the market!

Super Wellness Kit (Pack of 5)

$405.99 $176.99

Your everyday CBD wellness therapy is here with our Super Wellness Kit that comprises CBD Gummies Pouch, CBD Gummies Jar, and CBD Cartridge. Improve your mood, get that morning freshness with 1-2 gummies every day, or dive into a deep sleep with a drop of CBD cartridge.

The Immunity Kit (Pack of 10)

$1,099.99 $499.99

Did you know that CBD is good for your immunity? The cannabinoids present in CBD enable you to achieve higher immunity without consuming any medicinal drugs. Our Immunity Kit offers you a comprehensible stock of CBD Gummies that will help you build immunity naturally. Go for the Immunity Kit and make extra saving on months worth of CBD gummies in one purchase!

The Nighttime Kit (Pack of 2)

$149.99 $70.99

Shop for our The Nighttime Kit Combo Pack at Just $70.99. Revive your sleep cycle by sleeping on time, relaxing your mind, and ensuring a deep restorative sleep with the help of our proprietary tincture formula. Just keep a drop of the tincture under your tongue before going to bed and enjoy a fresh morning the next day.

The Snacks Kit (Pack of 8)

$554.99 $249.99
(Based on 1 review)

Are you a fan of CBD soft gummies? If yes, this is the best option for you get a complete stock of the best CBD snacks ever – CBD gummies. The snacks kit contains multiple CBD gummies pouch and jar with a choice of 23+ flavors. Relinquish your appetite for CBD snacks with our money-saving Snacks Kit! Enjoy a relaxed state of mind, a happier mood, and stress-busting moments.

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